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Sludge Rheology Database

from BHR Group, a trading name of VirtualPiE

In order to design systems for slurry handling, engineers first need to know the characteristics of the slurry.  Since every slurry may be virtually unique, that presents a real challenge.

Now BHR Group, together with the WWM consortium of key industrial companies, has researched a database of slurry characteristics for many different categories of sludge and slurry.

We offer a database look-up service on the rheology characteristics of sludges.

Or you can join the WWM consortium developing the database, to gain a better understanding of the data, and to influence the work done to expand the data.


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Sludge PUMPING and MIXING Services

BHR Group is an independent engineering consultancy company providing product and process design and development services in fluid engineering and process technology.

Services for those handling sludges and slurries include:

  • Rheology Measurement
  • Rheology Prediction
  • System Losses Prediction
  • Design Services
  • Mixing Optimisation
  • Physical or CFD Modelling
  • WWM Research Consortium







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